Keys, Bone and Bellows

Keys, Bone and Bellows


 “Improvising classical performers?” –  “Come on, that’s not very likely”.

“Doing so as a chamber music group? Together and simultaneously?” – “Even less likely”. “Trombone, Organ and piano?” –  “Never heard of such a trio”.

Indeed – time to think again!

Trombonist John Kenny, organist Bert Mooiman and pianist David Dolan, who have been practicing classical improvisation for many years as an integrated part of their international concert careers, came together in 2015 to form Keys, Bone and Bellows, a trio of a kind you are not likely to have heard before. The result is a combination of sonorities that allows navigation through a breath-taking variety of musical styles, with moments of mind-reading and musical telepathy.

Conversation between performers and listeners is a part of the experience, and many of the improvised pieces performed are based on themes and suggestions proposed by the audience. What makes this “classical” improvisation, as opposed to free form or jazz? Quite simply, the musical language K B & B speaks is drawn from the great canon of Western musical development, from the earliest plain chant and organum extending through the development of modality and tonality. Exploration – from the simplest structures that lead to counterpoint, fugue, and sonata form. Extemporization, freely using those forms to make something refreshingly new, . The result alternately fizzes like champagne, explodes like fireworks, sighs with passion, and roars with energy . Join us on an incredible journey!